It all started because my sister said I wouldn’t.

But that was back in 2015 in Cambodia when we were travelling SE Asia together. I had booked my ticket back to Sydney after spending 3 months in SE Asia, and I sure as hell wasn’t ready to go back to work. I was going through a million ideas of what I was going to do when I came back home: Become a dog trainer, join the army, backpack India, go to the US, and finally I suggested “I’m going to cycle from Sydney to Adelaide”.

“I bet you won’t” was the response.

And I took that bet. I came home, bought a bike, and completed my Sydney – Adelaide – Melboune – Sydney trip in July of 2016.

It was because of that trip I fell in love with the challenge of cycle touring. One thing that stuck with me from my first tour was the number of people who said to me “Do it while you’re young”, meaning do adventurous things like this, while you’re young and able, and aren’t committed.

So I came back to Sydney and started planning my Europe trip. Well kind of. I more just booked the tickets and the planning came later.

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