Chilling in Berlin, Berlin to Frankfurt am Oder, and the train to Warsaw

I don’t even know where to start with Berlin. The city has a crazy night life, nothing at all like Sydney, and Berlin is full of young energetic people, and there’s heaps to see and do, it’s cheap, there’s a huge music scene, and probably the thing that struck me the most was how unlike the rest of Germany Berlin is. It’s grungy, whereas the rest of Germany certainly is not.

I can’t say I did too much sight seeing. I basically went out and partied for the first three nights. And then decided to stay almost another week because I thought if I plan on moving here, I should probably actually see the city. The great part was I got to see Max, a guy I met and hosted in Sydney and who I thought I would probably never see again. 

Here’s a wonderful before and after photo of one of my nights out. I got home at 7am. You don’t actually head out in Berlin until about 12 midnight so it means you have a very very long night.

There was also amazing graffiti everywhere.

But the lines for the clubs are long and the bouncers are selective in who they let in.

I got the obligatory photo with my bike infront of the victory tower. 

I also finally got a Berlin kebab when I stayed with a family friend whose name is also Max. Oh. My. God. Berlin has their kebabs down pat.

Max and his girlfriend took me on a little riding tour of the city on my last night, and we went to an old runway which had been decommissioned and turned into an area where you can hang out. I don’t really know how to explain it. That’s literally it. An old runway where people go to ride their bikes, walk around, hang out and have a drink.

Final thoughts on Berlin: yes, I could definitely live there. The city is very vibrant and there’s enough people who speak English that I would get by until I learn German. The night life is awesome, but there’s enough to see and do outside of that, that would keep me occupied. The best part is, there are so many people in Berlin, who like me wanted the challenge of moving to a different country to live and work. There’s also a huge young working population so I would have no problems meeting people. BUT moving to Berlin is a few years off yet. I have to finish my masters and get some work experience first, and hope to god I don’t meet the love of my life while I’m still in Oz.

Berlin to Frankfurt am Oder

Total distance: 103km. Total time: 7.5hrs.

As always when I take an extended brake from my bike, it’s always wonderful to get riding again.

I decided to ride to the border and catch a train to Warsaw for two reasons: 1) by riding to Frankfurt am Oder, it meant I would only have to catch one train to Warsaw and not two so I wouldn’t have to worry about transferring my bike from one train to the other, 2) there was very little information on riding through Poland to Warsaw from the border of Germany. So I decided to save myself the navigation problems and go straight to Warsaw by train, and I will ride from Warsaw to Budapest instead.

The ride to Frankfurt was lovely. I got my own bike path most of the way and it went through lovely rolling hills. There was one little hick up when my GPS decided to take me down a barely used service road. But it wasn’t too bad.

I stayed in a hotel for the night because the hostel was booked, but it wasn’t too expensive. Then the next morning I was on the train to Warsaw! There were some other bike tourers on the train as well, and one bike tourer very kindly helped me get my bike and gear onto the train. Thank god because I was struggling with all the weight.

Now I’m chilling out in Warsaw for three days. I was supposed to be catching a flight back to Germany for a festival but I’ve decided to not go, I’d actually rather be riding and the festival would cost me 7 days and about 700km. Also it was techno music festival… I’ve had enough of techno in Berlin thank you very much.


2 thoughts on “Chilling in Berlin, Berlin to Frankfurt am Oder, and the train to Warsaw

  1. Hi Alex, Dad here, glad to see you’re on the bike again and I’ve heard that Berlin is pretty good for music, all’s good here, waters getting cold unfortunately, and the mornings seem to be especially cold this year, everyone is saying so. Have fun in Warsaw and look after yourself, love Dad.


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