Chilling in Copenhagen, Hamburg to Uelzen, Uelzen to Wolfsburg,  Wolfsburg to Tangermünde, Tangermünde to Berlin

After my night out in Hamburg, I jumped on a train (a little hung over) the very next day to go visit my cousin Sam in Copenhagen. It took about 4 hours by train, and I’m glad I didn’t ride because the weather was pretty miserable.

I didn’t know this but they actually take the train over the water by ferry! There’s a special entrance on the ferries foe the trains, and you kinda just roll on like q car would. It was pretty cool. 

My time in Copenhagen was spent chilling with Sam, sight seeing, eating, and drinking at an Aussie bar.

Also I think I saw blue sky for all but an hour while I was in Copenhagen. It was 15 degrees in the middle of their summer. Meanwhile back home in Sydney it was 15 degrees in the middle of winter. 
After two days I was back in Hamburg preparing for the next 400km leg of the journey. 

Hamburg to Uelzen

Total distance: 105km. Total time: 7hrs

I’m getting in a bad habit of starting late, so I wasn’t out and on the road until 9:30 or so. But after 5 days off, it was glorious getting back on my bike. I was getting itchy to get moving again.

Stopped for lunch at some point.

Two things I noticed that day riding: firstly, the riding was slowly starting to get more undulating, secondly, the countryside has a lot more pine forests. Which was great for me because I free camped that night. I called the campground ahead of time to let them know I would be late, but they didn’t speak English. So I just picked a spot in the woods and it was beautiful.

Things I’ve noticed about pine forests: there’s a bird that sounds like a dying adult male and it freaked the hell out of me when I first heard it. There’s no grass, it’s all moss and your feet sink into it and it creeped me out a little. Pine cones suck to sleep on. The wind sounds lovely passing through pine trees, and finally, virtually no animals seem to live in pine forests except birds.

Uelzen to Wolfsburg

Total distance: 65km. Total time: 4.5hrs.

This time I was up and out at 7:30am. I was seeing a friend in Wolfsburg who I hosted in Sydney, and I wanted to get there to actually spend some time with her. 

I followed a path by the side of a river for virtually the entire ride. Flat and direct. I loved it. Then rode into Wolfsburg at about 2pm. 

Basically Chiara shoved all the sightseeing she could for me, into about 4 hours in the afternoon, before we went home to make dinner and have a shot of tequila. A thing to note about Wolfsburg; it’s the home of Volkswagen, and the company pretty much runs the town. 

Then we made plans to see each other in Berlin this Friday. I did offer her the opportunity to join me on my bike ride, but she decided to take the train, which I think was fair enough.

Wolfsburg to Tangermünde

Total distance: 96km. Total time: 7.5hrs

I left at about 9am, and bought myself something to eat for the day. The great thing about Germany is there is a town with a supermarket every 20km or so. So I never ever have to worry about food. 

I almost missed the campsite that day, and was about to ride out of town to the nearby forrest, when someone saw the lost look on my face and pointed me in the right direction. I’m so glad I found the campsite because the town was beautiful to explore.

Tangermünde to Berlin

Total distance: 124km. Total time: 8.5hrs.

Early start, it was nothing special. 

And I just followed my GPS to the city of Berlin via country roads.

I didn’t really take any photos of the city as I was making my way through it because I was pretty intent on getting to my hostel. Instead, here’s a photo of me in bed the morning after my big night out in Berlin.

Get wrecked mate!


6 thoughts on “Chilling in Copenhagen, Hamburg to Uelzen, Uelzen to Wolfsburg,  Wolfsburg to Tangermünde, Tangermünde to Berlin

  1. Dear Alex every time I think haven’t heard for a while . Bingo there is a post.
    No photos of Sam or windmills in Denmark but by the sounds it has been warmer in Sydney. 21 degrees in Sydney 2 days ago .
    Thinking of you always love Mumxx


  2. Hi Alex, I just mentioned this evening to Mum, that we had not heard from you for some time and that I needlessly not worry, but I’m a dad…lovely to hear from you indeed. 🙂

    So no photo’s of Sam? and where he lives and his environment?….!

    Glad you’re not in Hamburg at the moment.

    We just sold the Honda out front, for $75.00 to a wrecker, it was just collecting lots’a bird shit, Rachael showed no interest in driving a manual car, so we decided to get rid of it, having done 300km, it’s time was up.

    Make sure you bring back your bike…’cause your gonna need to peddle around when ya get back 🙂

    Have had an ear infection for the first time that I can ever remember…ever, has kept me outta the water for the last 5 weeks, but back in swimming on Sundee.

    We are in the depth of winter here, which means blue sky’s, calm days, but cool, until the next cold front, water is cooling I’ve been told, fine and sunny, and we are all watching what the Donald does at the G20 meeting in Germany this week.

    Lovely to hear from you, stay safe and enjoy, love Dad 🙂


  3. Dear Alex,
    Make sure you contact Max in Berlin, he knows that you are on your way..
    My brother also offered accomodation and a guided city tour incase you come past Coburg.
    It’s on the route towards Bamberg and Nürnberg to Munich and maybe worthwhile.
    We are in Coburg at the moment visiting Mum and my siblings and in Germany until September.
    It’s very exciting to follow your Blog and comforting that everything went well so far and you are such a happy camper and rider.
    A big hug from Sybille


    1. Dear Alex,
      Mum and me were going through your Blog and she thinks you should definitely head towards Szechin and Gdansk . Then head south through Masuren to Warsawa ( capitol city of Poland ) and over to Wroclaw or Krakow. Maybe go past the Baltic Sea.
      Poland is very cheap.
      What route have you planned anyway?


  4. You are so brave!
    It looks like you’re enjoying it. So sad we are not in Belgium to see you!
    Look forward to read you!


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