Amsterdam to Meppel to Garrel to Bremen to Hamburg and chilling in Hamburg

Amsterdam to Meppel

Total distance: 120km. Total time: 7hrs.

I was planning on staying another day in Amsterdam but it was forecast to rain, so I made my way out of the city at about 11am. So. Many. Bicycles.

I decided to ride past lake Markermeer. It was howling a gale. Thank god it was a tail wind, I was happily riding along at 30km an hour because of it. 

I made it to Meppel relatively easily thanks to the tail wind. The hostel I stayed in was in a little town where all the houses could only be accessed by boat or bike or walking. I had a bit of a hard time finding it too.

Meppel to Garrel

Total distance: 150km. Total time: 9.5hrs.

So this photo pretty much sums up my day. 

Rain, rain go away, come again another day. It was dreary and all my thoughts narrowed to the rain that was slowly seeping through my raincoat, and how much I hated it, and how much I needed a new raincoat.

I got the last room in a hostel, which was filled entirely with men and boys who were all there on what I think was a father and son fishing weekend organised by their school. I stood out like a sore thumb.

Garrel to Bremen

Total distance: 70km. Total time: 5hrs.

More rain.

But I made it to Bremen without much other drama.

My ride to Hamburg was focused on getting to Hamburg, so I was riding long days, and didn’t really stop to sight see. Hence the short recount of my days.

Bremen to Hamburg

Total distance: 110km. Total time: 7.5hrs.

Thankfully the rain let up and it was great weather to ride.

I stopped at a bakery to pick up something for breakfast and I have to say, I love German bread. So many different types, and it’s heavy and filling.

Had lunch on a side road (took a wrong turn and I was hungry), and made it to Hamburg by mid afternoon. 

Chilling in Hamburg

So because I came off my bike in Cologne, I stuffed my front wheel a bit and had to take it to the bike shop. Did that. Then went shopping!

I forked out over a hundred euro for a proper hard shell ski jacket. Because I figured if it was good enough for snow, it was sure as hell good enough for German rain. I also bought a new pair of sunnies because I lost my last ones in France somewhere.

The “free” walking tour was recommended, and it was good but it wasnt free. There was the expectation to tip… Which wasn’t mentioned in the pamphlet. 

The miniature Wunderland was awesome and I highly highly recommend to anyone who goes to Hamburg to visit.

Then I went out in Hamburg on my last night with my room mates. On a Wednesday. At 2am. That’s right, we left the hostel at 2am and it was pumping in the clubs. Which meant we finished dancing at 5am. Here’s me drunk on the street as the sun started to come up.

Oh my god the bars in Hamburg are awesome, and they all specialise in their own type of music which means there’s something for everyone. Soooooo much better than Sydney. Anyway, I got back to the hostel and had about 3hrs sleep before I got up, checked out, and jumped on a train to Copenhagen to see my cousin Sam. 


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