Cologne to Wesel to Elst to Amsterdam, and the shenanigans in Amsterdam

Cologne to Wesel

Total distance: 126km. Total time: 7.5hrs.

I left Jenni’s place about 8:30am to a beautiful cool morning. The sun was shining and the wind was still. 

While at Jenni’s, I discovered something called egg salad. I’m not entirely sure what it is, but it’s delicious and I’ve been eating it for breakfast/lunch/brunch every morning since cologne. 

The day was relatively uneventful. But I did notice Dussledorf is a heavily industrialised area. Not as many pretty pathways to ride on by the Rhine river. Most of my day was spent riding past industry.

Made it to camp with no troubles. But the days are getting even longer now. It doesn’t get dark till about 11pm!

Wesel to Elst

Total distance: 103km. Total time: 6hrs. 

Woke up early and I was out at 7:30am. It was a beautiful morning and I got my chocolate croissant for breakky.

I passed into the Netherlands, and I actually got a picture of some kind of a marking of the border.

So here’s the amazing thing here. As a bike rider in the Netherlands, I have the power! Cars will reverse in drive ways to give way to me! It’s amazing! And check it out, I even have my own stop light buttons.

The Netherlands are also stunning beautiful (if a little flat). All the suburbs are clean and we’ll kept, and they have lovely little forrested areas to ride through.

Made it to camp with no dramas. I haven’t bothered sleeping with the canopy up because it wasn’t forecast to rain. And honestly if it wasn’t for the mosquitoes and dew in the morning, I’d be sleeping with nothing but my sleeping mat and sleeping bag.

Elst to Amsterdam

Total distance: 82km. Total time: 5.5hrs.

I didn’t take many photos of the ride. It was a head wind that day and I was intent on getting to Amsterdam, so I didn’t stop for photos. But basically I followed one of the Levy’s all the way into the city. On my own dedicated bike path of course.

Shenanigans in Amsterdam

So here’s the problem about writing a blog that your parents read, I can’t write things here that I want friends to read, without mum and dad knowing too. Oh well.

My first night in Amsterdam can pretty well be summed up in the following photos:

A couple of foggy photos of a pub crawl that went to the wee-hours of the morning. It was an awesome night and I’ll just leave it at that.

Over the next few days I went and did some sight seeing. 

Ate a ridiculous amount of food. 

Tried some pot brownies and cookies. And for the record they were crap! I paid 15 Euro for them… And didn’t feel a bloody thing.

Tried some truffles too, and they were fun and worth the price. I also went and got myself some cult-cha at the Stedelijk Museum and the Rijksmuseum. Basically a modern and historical museum. I went to the historical museum… And got bored after 30 minutes and left… History ain’t my thing. 

So then I went to the modern museum… And it wasn’t much better. Sorry dad!. At least the art from the historical museum was educational. So here’s a painting from the modern museum:

And here’s the little info thingy next to it:

Hmm yes “higher reality” and “universal tranquillity” is exactly what I was thinking too… If I was smoking pot maybe… Art speak is weird. Anyway I went to the sex museum in the red light district which was wayyy more interesting. Did you know that there is an estimated 1000 prostitutes working in Amsterdam?

I only spent two days in Amsterdam. I thought that would be too short but I really did see the whole city in two days. I probably walked about 30km in total. And I was getting itchy to head off again. Also I have a deadline to be in Warsaw by the 18th of July to catch a flight back to Germany for a festival, so I couldn’t stick around too long. Now I’m headed towards Hamburg. Updates in the next few days.


3 thoughts on “Cologne to Wesel to Elst to Amsterdam, and the shenanigans in Amsterdam

  1. Hi Alex, yes your Mum and Dad do read your blog, ’cause it’s very interesting, and that’s a Mondriaan, one of the founding figures in modern art, think back to 1922 when it was painted, and what the middle class would have called art, it would have been a radical break from tradition back then, yes, now, to many it probably seems mundane. You must have been hungry, and I sent you an email on the Nikon and Sony camera’s. Love Dad.


  2. Two comments: How did you ever get to your age without knowing the joy of egg salad?? Somehow I feel I have failed you here. Secondly, the Sex Museum is absolutely fascinating, I agree. The Van Gogh Museum would have been worth a short visit. Are you not visiting Copenhagen?


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