Mainz to Koblenz to Cologne 

My weekend in Mainz with David and Lea was awesome. I went shopping, went to the “beach”, had dinner with friends and hung out at Leas house. It was really lovely just to chill out for two days after almost three weeks of non stop riding. 

Mainz to Koblenz 

Total distance: 82km. Total time: 5hrs. 

With a little sadness I left David’s place at about 8am and made my way north once again. Davids mum also gave me a bottle of home made grape juice to take on the road, and it was delicious. 

It was a very pretty ride along the Rhine and I saw lots of castles, like everyone said I would. The only down side was I was riding straight into a head wind. 

When I made it to Koblenz I did a little sight seeing, set up camp and went to bed. 

That night there were about twenty bike tourers camping in the same area.

Koblenz to Cologne

Total distance: 106km. Total time: 6hrs. 

I was up and out at about 7:30am. Not because I ever plan to leave at that time, but because the sun is already blazing at 6am and there’s no way I’m getting back to sleep. The day was pretty and uneventful.

I finished off the last of Davids mum grape juice, I couldnt get enough of it. 

Because Jenni wasn’t ready to host me when I got to Cologne (I hosted her in Sydney and I made it to Cologne in time for her birthday), I stayed in a hostel in the city for the night. Nothing spectacular, only that I had to make two bookings without a refund because the first place didn’t have bike storage! 

Chilling in Cologne

So Jenni’s party was awesome. We went out to a club in the university area of the city so there were loads and loads of young people. The music was awesome and the drinks were cheap and I swear I was the only Australian there. The German songs I didn’t understand but there was so much American music do it wasnt a problem. 

The following day we went and explored the city a bit, and then went to a traditional Cologne bier haus for dinner. 

I got something called Rheinische Soorbode with raisin sauce and potato dumplings. It was awesome and I’ve decided I freaking love German food. It’s so hearty and filling and I feel like I don’t need to eat for a week after finishing a meal. Tomorrow I make start the final leg of the journey to Amsterdam and will have done a total of about 2000km in little over a month. Looking forward to it! 


4 thoughts on “Mainz to Koblenz to Cologne 

  1. Can’t believe you are already in Köln, unbelievable how much kilometers you rode within 4 weeks.
    My brother in Coburg is keen to host you if you happen to come past on your way from Berlin to Munich in a couple of month . Just let me know
    if you are interested…
    Enjoy the ride ! XXX Sybille


  2. Hi Alex, your doing so well indeed, love all you blog posts as well, an amazing trip, even if I might not post a reply to each and every post you put up… I am indeed so interested and amazed with what you are doing…go you good thing…is that appropriate for a dad to say???


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